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shamanic & Spiritual Healing

card reading

Your question:

Here you can ask all kinds of questions that are close to your heart. 

Whether you have questions about your relationship, love, marriage, partnership, family, living conditions, Beruf, deceased relatives, occupations, curses, etc.


The cards are   for me a medium to make the invisible visible.

To gain clarity in case of ambiguity, to get answers to open questions. 



The answers here come in two directions.

The cards have their spirit and the lichte spiritual world also gives its information to the readings.

So for me this is light work to answer questions about your current life and soul path on the basis of your soul destiny, to admit messages or hints that are important and significant for you right now on your further path.



The cards are a good medium, helper and companion in my spiritual light work, women's healing work and spiritual healing.


"Wow, that's all right, I'm thrilled

and feel deeply touched in my soul.”

Your reading:

I would be happy to place the cards for you in my practice room or over the phone.


You can contact me at any time with questions or to make an appointment.

ByE-mailor telephone: 0151 400 343 66


I'm happy for you.

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Evelyn Patzner     

Kartenlegen, spirituelles Kartenlegen, Kartenlegen lernen

Here you can pay directly with Paypal and I'll put the cards over the phone for you

For coaches, healers, leaders and visionaries get startedwant.

with High Frequency Manifestation from yourSoulinto your absolute abundance

You want to learn card reading and get clarity about card reading

and find answers to questions and immerse yourself in the mysticism of card reading?

So you are cordially invited here.


Cartomancy is an ancient technique with which knowledge and messages are made visible

and can be mediated. A communicator and medium of the spirit world

to convey messages.

Every message and every word has its own power and magic.

The lightful handling and connection to the light spiritual world stands for me

comes first and is an important part of any card reading.


The card reading is an interaction with the information of the cards and the information about the light spiritual world that can be received medially.

This technique and type of card reading is taught here and the basis for it is laid.

Questions of all kinds and all circumstances can be asked and answered.

A special area that is clearly visible in the cards are the things that we often do not see with our own eyes, such as foreign energies, occupations and curses, deceased souls and entities of all kinds.


Card reading can be a good and bright support for you in many areas.


Card reading has been with me for over 20 years and I would like to give you the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experience and to learn spiritual card reading myself.

The seminar card reading basic 1 will give a basis for card reading also for those who already read cards (eg with tarot cards).

Do you feel addressed?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to registerMail or  Tel: 0151 400 343 66.


I'm happy for you.




Evelyn Patzner




Contents of the seminar are:

  • Getting to know the most important card meanings

  • laying scheme

  • read the card image

  • receive replies

  • The Power of Words 

  • Mediumship exercises to train mediumship 

  • Meditations 

  • practical exercise



Seminar - Basis I   480€

Sat 10am - 5pm  Sun 10am - 4pm with lunch break

04.11. - 05.11.2017 in Baden-Baden


learn card reading

Kartenlegen lernen, Kartenlegen Seminar, Kartenlegen Schulung, Kartenlegen Baden-Baden

Flyer for


For coaches, healers, leaders and visionaries get startedwant.

with High Frequency Manifestation from yourSoulinto your absolute abundance

Money Flow – MAGIC into MILLIONS

Live and manifest from the impulses of your soul

Start 10/21/22 – 11/25/22

Investment €4,444  Last minute €7,777


  • Creating your concept for your business from your soul

  • Create and sell business programs worth €1,000 - €10,000

  • Soul Codes, Millionaire Codes

  • Create business and success from your soul

  • Attract success in the flow

  • How do I create the highest energy and how can I keep the energy high

  • Release old money beliefs and blockages

  • 4 Steps of Manifestation to Freedom 

1 live call per week, daily manifestation practice in the group

This 6 week INTESIVE is about you:

Living from your soul, expanding and increasing your millionaire consciousness and consciously creating and manifesting from your soul.

Easy, light, feminine and in flow.

Timeline of Abundance, Timeline of Unlimited Possibilities, Timeline of Millionaires.

What are you really here for? what is your greatest power Where is your greatest strength, your genius?

What does your soul really want to live and achieve?

This intensive brings you into your abundance consciousness that you can create and manifest anything you want. - ALL!

Ultimately, we are manifesting every second.

All we have now are yesterday's thoughts and words, all of which we have already manifested.

spirit creates matter.

Here you will learn to consciously use your power of manifestation for your fullness.

You learn how to create what you really want.

On the highest frequency we create the new goals.

Repressed feelings, repressed femininity, fear and doubt  creates the greatest lack.

You learn to accelerate your success with the clarified feelings.

You create your success concept for your soul business.

In the group we keep the vibration frequency high for the best motivation and energetic alignment.

You learn to hear the impulses of your soul and to follow them.

Manifestation Wave of Absolute Abundance.

Get on the wave for the millions!

I'm happy for you.

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