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shamanic & Spiritual Healing

Women -Awaken the goddess within you

"When we draw from our sources of power, we shine like goddesses!"


The female elemental powerslumbers in every woman, including you. Everyone has brought a very special gift and their own potential, which we carry within us like a treasure.

This source of power, this magic of life, needs to be awakened and revitalized and made to shine and shine in you as a woman.

It is time for us women to regain our strength and live our creative existence.

Sometimes you feel misunderstood in your partnership, not seen. maybe unloved, unimportant or not respected as you would like.

disharmony, stress, Dispute and disagreement  can arise.

You feel alone, insecure, anxious and unloved.

Do you wish to come back to your strength and potential with more Self-assured sein, Self love and deep fulfillment?

Like a goddess to shine  and being carried on hands like a goddess.

A deep connection to you and your femininity  and your real skills?

Just being loved for who you naturally are?

I am happy to accompany you on your way, your very personal development.

Every woman should be in her true beauty and splendor be allowed to shine and lead a happy and fulfilling life with a deep connection to yourself even  and life.

Feel free to contact me.

I'm happy for you.





Our primal power sources of our femininity are on the physical level in our womb: uterus, ovaries and vulva and vagina.

Causes: If the zest for life is reduced, frustration, stress, listlessness, depressive states, the partnership and sex life is unsatisfactory, no partner or always the same or similar unhappy partner is attracted, this can also be the cause of an energetically blocked womb space.

Treatment to release blockages in the womb area:

If in the  Schossraum blockages such as Experiences and connections to ex-partners, ex-relationships, fears, stress, or grief are stored, these can be solved in a shamanic healing treatment.

By releasing these experiences and connections, your inner source is uncovered again and your connection to your primal power can flow again.

When a woman shines in her potential, her primal power, her eyes, heart and soul shine again, a natural beauty and radiance surrounds her. A feeling of being connected and basic trust.

Course of the session:

I welcome you in a cozy, feel-good room, with a beautiful atmosphere of candles, pleasant scents and soft music.

Here you can relax, feel protected and comfortable.

In a joint conversation we explore your personal situation.

For the energy treatment you can make yourself comfortable on the lounger and relax.

The healing treatment can take place purely energetically or in combination with programming in the subconscious.

Your aura and your whole body system will be gently cleaned on all levels and flooded with divine light power.

Experience has shown that profound physical and mental processes can be set in motion and set in motion as a result of the healing treatment.

That's why I'm still at your side after the treatment.


Women's seminars and trips to Maria Magdalena power places are emerging.

For further information please contact me.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me as well

to book your treatment appointment.

I'm happy for you.


Evelyn Patzner

Frauen Rituale, Frauen Heilung, Frauen Seminare, Kinderwunsch, Frauen Massage
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