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shamanic & Spiritual Healing

Shamanic Healing

To solve


negative     external energies

How do I get rid of it in 3 days ?

Release of curses, occupations and negative foreign energies.


MAGIC startr:€2,200

Release of negative foreign energies and influences in one's own living environment, body and energy field, draining of medication, vaccinations, release and lead into the light of deceased souls in private rooms and ancestral field.

M AGIC  1 : €7,777

Release of negative foreign energies in one's own field, business field, customer situations, contractual and negotiation situations, release of occupations, curses,  Release and lead deceased souls into the light in private and business premises, in the ancestral field, release of AI DNA.

Energetic clarification after separations, divorces, dissolution of business communities.

MAGIC 2: 25k

Family disputes, inheritance, ancestral lines

MAGIV  VIP  intense :  on request 
Release of curses, foreign energies, deceased souls in houses, villas, hotels, public buildings, palaces and castles.

For real estate sales 10% of the sales value

in inheritance disputes and ancestral blockades of royal families, royals, public figures, stars and politicians.


Curses, negative energies in the field often show up when we are dealing with a lot of people.

Or if we want to take the next step, bigger step.

Then it may be that we notice that something is trying to prevent us.

Or similar negative situations appear again and again.

A customer had such a blatant curse, in her case it was a family curse that one day she fell off the stairs and almost got into a bad car accident.

She felt like she was being followed.

The family also went crazy and the environment made every situation difficult.

There were problems everywhere, at school in the children's kindergarten, with the in-laws, etc.

We released the curse, the negative energies from her energy field and soul field also from past lives and it changed everything.

Her intuition and clairvoyance were back.

She perceived much more, since then she sees fields of light and light energies that she had not perceived before.

Above all, the sense of danger and being pursued was gone.

Healing on a new level.

Everything is allowed to heal, dissolve, transform

As your soul is ready.


Curses, negative vibrations, occupations, foreign energies

I've known that since my childhood.

Sometimes I couldn't go to the bathroom because I was scared to death. (And I wasn't a scared kid!)

I saw a man with a knife trying to stab me in the back from behind.

I not only saw it, I felt the energies.

I was never an anxious child in that sense.

As the eldest of my siblings, I was strong and always brave.

But in this situation and many others, it was different.

I noticed things that others didn't.

My mom understood and felt me.

Many times she had to take me downstairs to the bathroom.

I learned to deal with these energies.

I was led to teachers and shamanic masters who strengthened and trained me in my perceptions and abilities.

Life is much more than we see with the naked eye.

Today I have already been able to help countless people to get out of extreme energetic situations.

Houses have finally sold.

Families became peaceful again.

Inheritance situations could be resolved in a relaxed manner.

Business and customer situations started to flow again

Love relationships are rekindled.

There are these areas that are energetically beyond our mind.

It's like love. We can feel it but not touch it.

We know it's there, but we can't explain it rationally.

The most important thing, however, are the results of my spiritual shamanic work.

Because after that everything is different.

And even if you have doubts and your mind wants to tell you that something doesn't exist,

and you think with your energetic alignment you can change it,

the result of the change through the mental work is the visible evidence.

When customers are held back because something is energetically wrong and every alignment and manifestation of what worked before no longer works,

And if everything changes after the healing work and starts flowing again, it shows that this is where the root of the problem was.

If you have the feeling that something like this could be the case for you, we can look into your field to see if this is the case for you.


The first conversation is free of charge and completely non-binding.


please get in touch


I'm here for you 


With all my Love 


M AGIC  1 : €7,777

Release of negative foreign energies, castrations, draining of medicines, vaccinations

MAGIC 2: 25k

family disputes

MAGIV  VIP  intense : on request €
Release of curses, foreign energies, deceased souls in houses, villas, hotels, castles

For sales 10% of the sales value

in inheritance disputes, ancestral blockades of royal families, royals, public figures, stars and politicians.





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