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shamanic & Spiritual Healing

spiritualchildbirth preparation

- for a fear-free, relaxed birth

- trust in female power and creativity

- To give birth naturally to love and devotion

Birth is a joint process of mother and child.

In the spiritual You learn to trust your natural instincts as a woman, as a mother-to-be.

You learn to devote yourself to birth, life and togetherness with your child.

Possible fears, insecurities, tension, Stress is released and thus no longer transferred to the child.

You create your personally optimal birth.

Consciously experience this very special and unique moment in life as a great act of creation.

 "As the child is born, so it will be in life!"

I am happy to accompany you through the pregnancy and birth.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact me

per Mail  or by phone: 0151 400 343 66 (telegram)

I'm happy for you.


Evelyn Patzner


unerfüllter Kinderwunsch, Kinderwunsch, alternative Methoden, Alternative Heilmethoden
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