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Evelyn Patzner

Evelyn is a Master of Spiritual Healing, and an internationally booked und recognized expert in shamanic and spiritual healing worldwide.

Her results are like miracles and bring deep spiritual healing, purpose and a happy and prosperous life to many people.

She is a specialist in working with women, in couple and love relationships, the desire to have children and luxury class female business work.

In her annual training, she trains people on their soul path to become spiritual healers and high-ticket coaches of the luxury class.

She has been closely connected to the spiritual and intellectual world since her childhood and, after graduating from high school and studying, studied spiritual healing work intensively and trained with masters of the art of healing and development of consciousness.

Her deepest longing and mission is to bring women into their power, greatness and soul destiny.


Evelyn is an absolute expert when it comes to recognizing and resolving blockages.

Be fast   20 years accompanied you people successfully into a happier and more fulfilling life. Including well-known politicians, stars and starlets.

Evelyn has the gift of clairvoyant and mentally deep levels of the soul and life to recognize stressful life issues and dissolve them at their roots.

With her warm, soothing and professional manner, she helps to recognize and resolve mental entanglements in order to regain one's own strength, more self-confidence, love and a deep inner connection to oneself and life._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



She is also called "the soul whisperer".

Because what she does is simply magic!

If you are looking for a spiritual companion for yourself, she is the right one at your side.

She knows how to apply spiritual knowledge in such a way that you can use it optimally for your success.

-Nothing is easier than being in the flow of life-

Evelyn Patzner was created by the well-known master shaman Stefan WA Mandel and the Spirits named and dedicated to the priestess of the divine mother.

She is a Reiki master, meditation teacher, relaxation therapist, medium and spiritual teacher.


1981 in Born in Reutlingen and grew up in Stuttgart with 2 younger brothers.

-high-school diploma

- Internship year in USA Florida with construction and founding of a Waldorf kindergarten and activities as an educator.

- Studied art therapy in the first semester in Nürtingen


- Foundation of a shop in Baden-Baden for Feng Shui, spiritual, decorative and luxury accessories


- 10 years of intensive spiritual training with a spiritual teacher in Baden-Baden.


-  2 Years of training as a meditation teacher and relaxation therapist at OSHO UTA in Cologne.


Foundation of the meditation center and practice for spiritual healing & coaching in Baden-Baden.


3-year intensive shamanic and spiritual training at Chiemsee with master shaman Stefan WA Mandel.

Here Evelyn received the initiation as a priestess of the divine mother and the title of Reiki master.

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