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shamanic & Spiritual Healing

Shamanic & Spiritual Healing

Shamanic and Spiritual Healing Treatments:

  • Spiritual healing is an offer to those seeking help that is on an equal footing with classical medicine, naturopathy and other therapeutic offers and does not compete with them. 

  • Spiritual healing activates the self-healing powers, promotes healing in a holistic sense, encourages and supports people in assuming their personal responsibility.

  • Mental, spiritual healing treatments can be used for any kind of illness or disorder, for stress, for physical and mental injuries. They can complement other therapies or be practiced independently. 

  • Neither anamnesis nor medical diagnosis are required for spiritual healing methods to work - the medically diagnosed type and severity of an illness is therefore not directly related to the result of the healing treatment. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Umbrella Association for Spiritual Healing

Schamanisches und geistiges Heilen, Geistheilung, alternative Heilmethoden


The shamanismis an ancient tradition and healing method of our ancestors, indigenous   and primitive peoples all over the world. In Europe, Greenland, Africa, Asia, Russia and the Indians of North and South America.

Schmamanism and its healing methods has the consciousness in itself that everything is animated and alive as scientifically proven in quantum physics that we are all made of the "same wood" of the same_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_primary information exists. At our core we are all the same, all one and all interconnected.

Just as we are souled  nature and mother earth, the planet we live on are souled and the worlds that many with their bloser eye not see yet.

Die shamanic work is the spiritual subtle work between the worlds. A shaman is a connector and mediator between the worlds.

My work it is here energetic Conditions and in cases of illness oder Uncomfortable rebalancing this .

Die healing treatments  is designed to restore   to the physical,   mental and energetic optimal state.

By the influences of the environment, spirit Society poisons, old soul contracts, experiences und Influences past lives, curses and occupations can_cc781905-93-bb3b-3b51-93-bb3b51-98d6cf58dConditions  occur in us that we perceive as unpleasant, stressful, blocking, depressing and no longer feel happy or optimally able to live. These blockages can also often present themselves as Physical illnesses to express.

In a curative treatment  these blockages can be seen, uncovered and resolved.

Spiritual Healing:

Man and each Creatures consists of several bodies.

The human being consists of the physical, corporeal body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, astral body, etheric body (blueprint), Heavenly body, Ketheric body.

Die chakrasare the energy centers of the body which vibrate in a circle: root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, forehead chakra (third eye), crown chakra.

Spiritual Healing Treatment: The treatment takes place in the energy field. 

The human energy field is connected to our life energy, our physical body and all aspects of our lives.

These energy fields around our body are fields die Awareness and carry intelligence in them. Everyone Thought  and every emotional feeling is visible here,  shows and becomes saved. So we carry this information with us through life in each of our cells. It affects us, our life and our physical condition.

Is there a blockage on one of these levels, a compression, congestion , the energy flow in the body and on the respective levels can no longer flow optimally and sooner or later it can also show up physically, in physical complaints and illnesses.

The spiritual healingrefers to the divine light energy to the appropriate level is conducted and the originally optimal, healthy state is restored.


Life is far more than we get most of the time with our current perspective and our small percentage usage of our brain can perceive.

While we are 5-10% from our awareness  act, we act 90-95% from our subconscious.

If you have any questions or would like a treatment, please feel free to contact me. ByMailor telephone 0151 - 400 343 66

I'm happy for you.




remote treatment

In a shamanic and spiritual healing treatment I work in the energy field.

On the energetic level there is no difference and no separation, so it works the same way and you have the opportunity to be in your usual environment.

Procedure for remote treatment:

I usually recommend communication over the phone in the form of a phone call or WhatsApp.

Here you can describe, write or speak to me about your concerns.

I'll write to you at the treatment_time and then I'll describe to you what took place in terms of content over the phone or as a voice message.

For questions or to make an appointment, you can contact me viaMailor contact Tel: (WhatsApp) 0151 400 343 66.


I'm happy for you.




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