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Money flow

Shamanic & Business
bring dein Leben in die Erfüllung

live your magic Power.

with High Frequency Manifestation from yourSoulin your abundanceand fulfillment

Shamanic & Business Healing Annual Circle – MAGIC into your highest Abundance

The Priestess of Abundance

Start 03.12.22 - 02.12.23

weekly Saturdays 11.00 a.m. 

Investment €10,100.00  

€1,100 per month

  • Activation of your female priestess power

  • Shamanic, tantric codes and tools
  • Manifestations from your soul for your abundance and success
  • Manifestation Techniques of Millionaires
  • Money & Abundance Consciousness
  • Sell in 4 digit and 5 digit range
  • Dissolving blockages and old issues
  • Shamanic education and training for deep healing and understanding of your soul

This is about your sacred feminine power.

Free, fulfilled, successful, sexy, magical, attractive, independent.

Fulfill your gift. Be successful with ease.

This is the female way of the priestess.

She is magical, knowing, free, ecstatic, magnetic, powerful, conscious and loving.

She leads from her heart, from your soul.

She came to heal.

It has come for the new era, the new consciousness.

She leaves out nothing that her soul gives her along the way.

She lives her whole greatness, her truth, her spiritual fulfilment.

This journey is magical.

I'm happy for you.

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