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Holiday Seminar Corfu, Greece

interior essenceholidaySeminar Corfu

7 days holiday seminar Corfu, Greece 1200€ (early bird 800€ until February 28th, 2020) 

When: Pentecost: 30.05. - 06.06. 2020

inner essence

Awaken your creative power, your soul essence for a fulfillment Life and deep interior connection to you even.





Finally: my first holiday seminar right on a dream beach on the truly magical island of Corfu, where the abundance and wonder of life on earth is still so palpable, present and nurturing.


I am really looking forward to this seminar on this really magical spot on earth, which I have already been able to enjoy to the fullest and with all my senses several times and now want to share with you.

Arillas has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Corfu, which is only a 10-minute walk from our accommodation (Alexis Zorbas center).

It's my personal favorite beach: it's very wide and long  and therefore offers plenty of space to stretch out and let off steam.

The beautiful turquoise blue of the water is reminiscent of glossy catalogues. Only the jumping dolphins are missing, but you can spot small fish in between in the clear of the clean water - a blessing in today's world, where this is no longer a matter of course. The beach goes very flat into the water. It's just a pleasure to bathe and swim here. 

You can also rent sun loungers, parasols and pedal boats there if required.


The "firm" ground of the island also has a lot to offer with its rock formations and Mediterranean vegetation and invites you to go on short or long walks of discovery.

We will visit special places on the island, meditate and linger.

 but you are also welcome to plan your own excursion destinations and explore the island, if you like.

The grounds of our accommodation, das Alexis Zorba's center, is spacious and also offers small oases of relaxation. Our seminar room is spacious has a nice atmosphere, a view towards the sea and access to the garden that invites you to linger.

The accommodation in the rooms corresponds to the typical Greek simplicity.

The rooms are clean and you have everything you need, including a fridge, kettle and mosquito net over the bed, although I haven't experienced any real mosquito plagues during my stays there.

However, it is advisable to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent (Zedan) from home.

The retreat center also offers  its own program of activities (e.g. yoga, hiking, painting, meditation mornings and evenings), participation in which is included in the accommodation & half-board price. More about this on the homepage of the retreat center under . Various massage treatments im Alexis Zorbas can also be booked for a fee.


guided and silent meditations will support you to establish a deep contact to your inner source, to your soul and your higher self.

Spiritual - shamanic soul journeys and regressions:

Here you have the opportunity to let go of injuries, old things, the past and to come back to a deep inner peace and love for yourself.

We learn to establish contact with the light spiritual world and train our ability to perceive in higher dimensions.

Heart & Soul 

We reconnect intimately with our heart   and our soul wisdom. We connect with the spirits, our heart and soul essence where we can experience spiritual healing and guidance.

Individual session on your topic:

Spiritual healing or regression to your topic within of the seminar

Corfu and spiritual places of power:

Die emerald Island of Corfu has a very special energy. Special healing powers have always been ascribed to you. We are in the small town of Arillas, right by the sea where strong earth power lines cross and very particularly gentle heart-opening and heart-healing energies_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-513_bad5cf58dpresent are. 

The magic of the island lets you dive into your soul essence with ease and joy.

Excursions to places of power on the island.  


The Alexis Zorbas Center is located in the extreme northwest of the island of Corfu in a small place called Arillas. Accommodation is in holiday apartments, most with balconies and sea views. The sea is within walking distance.

Single room booking is possible.

Procedure on the day of arrival and departure: 

Saturday 05/30/2020:   arrival
Saturday, June 6th, 2020:   Breakfast, check out by 11 a.m., departure

Costs for seminar:

7-day seminar 1200€ early bird: 800€ (until February 28th, 2020)

Registration for the

Costs for overnight stays including breakfast and dinner:

Double room: €510  (€480 early bird until February 28th, 2020)

Single room  660€  (610 € early bird until 28.02.2020)

Book flight and accommodation: 

Tel: 089 649 622 828

Book a flight: (there are flights from ca 200 €)

the flight can also be booked by yourself.

I can recommend tuifly as a provider here.

Customer testimonials:

"It's so awesome, whatever we toasted yesterday, I'm so super charged, so full of love. It's really amazing.

Your work is insane. Thank you." (Tanja)

"I was coaching with Evelyn and can only say that it is life-changing! and absolutely recommendable. Her relaxed voice, warm personality and mediumship skills are always fascinating and almost overwhelming. I'm closed Deeply grateful and would recommend to anyone." (Bettina)

"Your treatments and sessions were very supportive for me. I'm always surprised at the depth I get through it, how you see things and explain them so simply and understandably.

Your ability to get to the heart of complex spiritual issues has helped me a lot.

I was able to solve my childhood trauma through the sessions with you and I am deeply grateful to you for that.." (Thomas)

"Thank you for the wonderful soul journey and meditation. I love your divine, gentle and relaxing voice. I always enjoy listening to it. New spaces and channels open up for me. You can feel that high spirits are with you and speak through you . Truly special and transformative." (Luisa)

"Evelyn is a special kind of spiritual healer. I was able to experience her at a lecture in Stuttgart and I was deeply touched. Thank you for everything." (Ines)

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